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"The powerful new generation of influencers is here – and we know who they are. Let’s move mountains together."

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Reach highly defined target groups

Social Works are the influencer marketing experts. Our campaigns are designed to reach highly defined target groups. We create the right awareness to suit your particular needs. Our digital marketing analysts, campaign managers and influencer managers work together to identify the perfect tastemakers to promote or market any product.

Welcome to a full-service agency, supporting brands and events from strategy development to complete campaign execution.


The Team

Nina Shini, CEO & Co-founder

Nina Shini

CEO & Co-founder
Kasper Iversen, Lead marketing specialist & Co-founder

Kasper Iversen

Lead marketing specialist & Co-founder
Mathilde Gøhler, Influencer project manager & Co-founder

Mathilde Gøhler

Influencer project manager & Co-founder
Remee Jackman, Influencer project manager & Co-founder

Remee Jackman

Influencer project manager & Co-founder
MAX MADSEN, Visual Designer & Content Manager


Visual Designer & Content Manager
CAMILLA FALKVIST, Brand Strategist


Brand Strategist
Nadja Zohore, Campaign Manager

Nadja Zohore

Campaign Manager
Kristoffer Holtermann, Brand Strategist

Kristoffer Holtermann

Brand Strategist
Jacob Roesen, Legal Advisor & Chairman of the Board

Jacob Roesen

Legal Advisor & Chairman of the Board
Sophie Gøhler, Campaig Assistant

Sophie Gøhler

Campaig Assistant
EMMA ABEBA, Booking Coordinator


Booking Coordinator
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