We specialize in developing and managing campaigns for leading brands and companies worldwide.


Social Works represents the world’s top social media influencers and we specialize in developing and managing campaigns for leading brands and companies worldwide. We help companies plan their strategies on all social media platforms and develop innovative marketing strategies and campaigns through influencers.

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The rise in social media, has created a world of opportunities, and has opened new channels for brands to connect with consumers more direct and organically. As the world has shifted from offline to online, consumers rely on social media to determine their purchase decisions. Consumers believe influencers over brands - and by creating branded content and campaigns with social media influencers, you can increase your brand awareness, followers on social media and sales through organic core-targeted promotion and marketing. With influencers, you can reach a very targeted audience, generate active engagement, create trust and get up to 11 times higher ROI compared to traditional forms of digital marketing.

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Are you interested in including, or further develop, influencer marketing in your marketing strategy and grow your brand, and would you like to hear more about the massive opportunities your brand can achieve? Please contact us. We offer a one hour complementary meeting, where you'll get to know us and get information on what we can offer and how we can help you; for instance, how to increase and optimize your Instagram profile.

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Would you like a targeted strategy
and communication on Instagram?

For a limited period of time, Social Works offers a free of charge course on how to optimize your Instragam profile (one hour long). We will present an analysis of your profile, where we, amongst other things, check that your SEO is optimized, are your hash tags generating, and what content is a better fit for the profile.

Activate you followers

How the media works and how to communicate to the followers

Strong Profile

How to set op the strongest profile (visually and functionally)

Create Traffic

How to create traffic to the profile and lead creation

Write Engaging Text

How to write a text that activates your followers

Drive Traffic

How to set up a profile that drives organic traffic (non paid)

Create Content

How to create content that is visually captivating


Who is this course relevant for?

The course is relevant for the decision maker of the company, the person who has a say in regards of the strategies for marketing.

You can choose to take the analysis with you, or engage in a collaboration. This offer is valid for a limited period of time.

If your company is located in Denmark, we will be happy to come to you. If you are located outside of Denmark, we will be happy to do a Skype meeting.

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